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Welcome to Wild Oasis

Wild Oasis is a paradise nestled in the mountains of Monchique and guarded by a powerful ancient forest where we cultivate presence and connection.

We create spaces that nourish self-empowerment, authentic expression and transformation. Join us to slow down and reconnect to a natural rhythm.
When we are not in a retreat, we offer a weekly schedule with different practices such as yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance or singing circles.

Stay with us to relax, recharge and reconnect.

The Oasis


Your Stay

Personal Retreat Stay

Turn your stay at Wild Oasis into an individual retreat with yoga, meditation, breathwork, massage and other practices.

Book a Room

We have different accommodation options available. Book a room, caravan or tent.

Get Involved

Have a look at the ways for you to get involved. Long and short term volunteering. Or becoming a space holder resident.

Sessions & Events

When we are not in a retreat we offer a regular weekly schedule available to all our guests and for drop in.

We also have monthly events and gatherings. 

If you are coming from outside, please make sure to book your spot in advance.

If you want to stay informed about what is happening at Wild Oasis, join our WhatsApp group.

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Our Next Retreats

Sept 26 - Oct 1.png

Dive & Rise

October 11-16

with Dina

Yoga, Silence and Celebration.

This retreat combines tools and practices from different traditions that I have been exploring the past 5 years and that I am honoured to share. Our time together will follow a specific journey including ceremonies, classes and workshops for you to go through the process of diving in and rising up to your beauty with an open heart. It will also include 48 hours of silence for you to dive even deeper before singing our way up.

walking earth.png

Walking Earth

October 27-30

with Maria & Olga

Natural gynecology, herbalism, voice, ayurveda & nutrition.

When the last harvest is done we celebrate Samhain in the Celtic tradition. The beginning of Winter. Olga Sadowski, Maria Peres & Mariana Root, we want to invite you to gather during the full moon before Samhain, October 2023 for the next edition of Walking Earth. Call it retreat, gathering, celebration, prayer, course or simply an escape to reconnect with your soul calling. We will use this time to detox as a preparation for winter with a clean, nourishing diet...

Our Guests Say

Testimonial Denis
"Beautiful place in nature with really warm and welcoming people. I loved the yoga and breathwork sessions. And the space to be on my own in peace and quiet."

Denis, Germany

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