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Dive & Rise


Wild Oasis│Monchique │Portugal


Yoga & Dance


Rituals & Ceremonies


Meditation & Hypnosis


Breathwork & Sound


Self Inquiry & Journaling


48 hours of Silence


Dive & Rise


This is the 4th edition of Dive & Rise retreat and it is always with the same joy that I am sharing what moved me as my work is evolving as I evolve on this journey upwards to offer each time a more subtle work and meaningful moment of life.The retreat will take place at Wild Oasis Algarve, a heaven nested in the mountains overlooking the ocean where we wake up to singing birds and drink water from the source.

Dive deep into yourself supported by the beautiful nature around and listen to what your body, mind and heart have to say.
This retreat combines tools and practices from different traditions that I have been exploring the past 5 years and that I am honored to share. They all serve the purpose of developing self awareness and living a harmonious life aligned with what really matters to you..

Our time together will follow a specific journey including ceremonies, classes and workshops for you to go through the process of diving in. It will also include 48 hours of silence, the most powerful medicine to realise what needs to be seen.

This retreat is for you if you are ready and willing to start or continue your inner work with dedication and authenticity paying attention to the silent thoughts and stop looking away.

We say that the way out is in. Yes, and not to stay there but to then expand from that spacious space and connect on a deeper level to life and all that is. This is an opportunity to take care and bring awareness to the way we relate to ourselves, others and all that is alive to make the necessary adjustements when they are needed. This is an opportunity to remember the wisdom of our bodies and the intelligence of our emotions. This is an opportunityto remember what it means to be human to embrace it and cherish it.

Come back to the body, find the breath, relax in the present moment. Soften & Repeat.

Before the retreat starts a one to one hypnosis session will be scheduled to define your intention and flow through it during the retreat.


The experience

Meditation & Hypnosis

"Meditation is not about meditation. It is about moving closer to our human experiences, learning how to dance with it, to soften into it, and maybe even enjoy it." Cory Muscara

Hypnosis is the vehicule that allows to travel in the untouched territories of our unconscious mind and connect to the symbolic language of the unconscious.



Coming back to the body, deepening our relationship to this incredible ally and ride for ths life.

From, yoga asanas, to intuitive movement and Contact beyond Contact practice, we will move everyday.

Contact beyond contact is a dance modality combining ancient movement practices in service of relationships.


"The Circle has healing power. In the Circle, we are all equal. When in the Circle, no one is in front of you. No one is behind you. No one is above you. No one is below you." Lakota Chief

And sometimes it feels that it is all that is needed. Sit in circle, receive each other with presence and compassion.

Healthy Meals

Nurturing and nutritious meals will be served throughout the day. We will have two main meals, brunch and dinner, and plenty of snacks to keep us fuelled throughout the day. We focus on regional, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Rituals & ceremonies from different traditions

"Tradition is the vehicule through which you can connectto yourself, to nature and to all that is." Tito La Rosa

We will  have the chance to realise rituals inspired by different traditions to nurish this connexion to our essence. 


Breathwork is a therapeutic technique that uses simple breathing practices to lead people into a non-ordinary state of consciousness where unconscious and previously repressed thoughts, sensations, energies and emotions, that are held in the body, can more easily rise to the surface for integration. 

Self inquiry & journaling

Self inquiry is one of the most precious tools when it comes to self awareness. It opens new perspective of contemplation and reflection to reveal the harmony within. 

Sound healing & voice

For this magical journey into the subtle realm of sound, you will be guided by Yoav, self taught musician. From discovering the healing potential of your own voice to surrendering to the art of receiving.

48 hours of silence & space

"Silence is not the absence of sound, it is the quality through which you listen to higher consciousness". Adrian Freedman

Wild Oasis is located in a peaceful, remote location with abundant nature all around, perfect for silent immersion and space for yourself. Allow yourself to be held by the magical forest with ancient cork trees and stones.

This will be a beautiful and transformative experience and I am very grateful and excited to welcome you to be part of it with us.


"I felt safe & Well guided during the Dive & Rise Retreat with Dina what makes her an amazing guide in my eyes is that she actually practises what she teaches, it is heartfelt, embodied, authentic, fun and deep, light & adaptable yet truthful and personal.

If you are considering going on a Journey within:

You will feel held by Dina in the best possible way

If you are considering working with her:

Know that she combines being organised & grounded with the Spiritual realms of our human experience in a very unique way

The symbiosis of different teachings, Methods and philosophies is what attraced me and nourished me in the end.

thank you so, so much, dearest Dina."



Your guides

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Your investment

Price includes:

Accommodation, all sessions & all meals, starting 4PM on Tuesday and ending 1PM on Sunday.

The day to day program is intentionnally kept surprise.

Private room (double bed)

  • single occupancy


Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 22.33.23.png
Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 22.33.40.png
Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 22.40.58.png
  • King size bed (160 cm)

  • Private en-suite bathroom with bath tub or shower

  • Outdoor terrace space with table

  • 18-20 sqm

Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 22.33.08.png
abundance - view from room.png

Shared room (2 in room)

  • per person


Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 22.33.23.png
abundance - Ensuite bathroom.png
  • 2 single beds (see photo 1: beds will be separated)

  • Private en-suite bathroom with bath tub

  • Outdoor terrace space with table

  • 20 sqm

abundance - view from room.png

Caravan (double or 2 single beds)

  • single occupancy

€590   (sold out)

  • Double bed & extra sofa bed possible

  • Private compost toilet

  • Private outdoor terrace with table

  • Shared outdoor shower (warm)

  • Fireplace

  • 15 sqm

Glamping tent (double or 2 single beds)

  • per person


WhatsApp Image 2023-05-24 at 18.17.35.jpeg
  • Double or 2 single beds

  • Shared outdoor bathroom

  • 20 sqm

Dorm tent (4 single beds)

  • per person


  • 4 single beds (90 cm)

  • Shared outdoor bathroom (warm)

  • Fireplace

  • Outdoor terrace space with table

  • 22 sqm

Our camping tent (double air bed)

  • per person


WhatsApp Image 2023-05-24 at 18.17.35 (2).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-24 at 18.17.35 (3).jpeg
  • Inflatable double bed (120 cm)

  • Shared outdoor bathroom (warm)

  • 9 sqm

Your tent / van

  • per person


  • Bring your own tent or van

  • Shared outdoor bathroom (warm)




Wild Oasis is a paradise nestled in the mountains of Monchique and guarded by a powerful ancient forest where we cultivate presence and connection.

We create spaces that nourish self-empowerment, authentic expression and transformation. Join us to slow down and reconnect to a natural rhythm.

Arguably one of the lushest retreat centers in the south of Portugal, the Wild Oasis is your space, if you want to get nourished by nature. Bath in the forest or the natural waters from our mountain spring.

Wild Oasis offers different types of accommodation, a sauna, plunge pool, a forest, garden, stunning views, enough spaces and hammocks to be by yourself and a spacious practice space (dome).



The closest airport is Faro, which is ca. 1h drive away. You can take a bus or train to Portimao and the local bus from there to Monchique, take a taxi (ca. 65€ - we can help to arrange it) or rent a car.

If you come from Faro you can take a bus or train to Portimao (3-4h and 10-15€) and the local bus to Monchique from there.

We are on top of a mountain right in the middle of nature and at the same time right next to Monchique (only 20 mins walk to the next super market).