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Mercado Oasis

A celebration of mountain life

Save the dates beautiful beings, as we will celebrate mountain life and the abundance of water this season 2023.

Tickets for the next gathering July 23 available here

//Mercado Oasis// is a collaboration between the Wild Oasis family (@wildoasis_life) and Cardo (@cardo.handmade).

Together we will host a series of happenings in the Serra de Monchique dedicated to community, to water, to life. When we gather we create containers of connection. When we celebrate we raise the frequency of our collective, following the simple advice of our indigenous friends from the Amazon “Só algeria! - Only Joy!”


//Mercado Oasis// is a place to indulge in the abundance of nature, the beauty of life. Experiencing Peace in community.

Visit the sleepy mountains, where the water begins. Drink from this source, take a dip in fresh mountain water and sit with the corc elders of this beautiful land. This is a whole day event, based on ritual, movement sessions, breathwork, live music, handcraft and food that serves the land, foraged & wild.

Every event will be unique. Every date an opportunity to commune with land, recharge in nature and learn from holistic practices how to deepen your connection to life. 


In the name of our Monchique family, we are thrilled to see you on the mountain for our next edition on sunday July 23.



11am - Earth Prayer

12pm - Breath & Sound with Dominik & Dina

13:30pm - Wild foraged lunch by Olga

3pm - Ecstatic Theater with Beatriz

6pm - Ecstatic dance with medicine music & live drums by Sara Pignatelli


Market and wild foraged cafe all day

Healing area from 14pm to 17pm / Discover Thai Massage & Hypnosis with Dina


Tickets here

We have a limited amount of space and we will only accept people with their tickets.

Please help us make this day flow and buy your ticket in advance so we organize best to welcome you in the best conditions possible. Tickets have different prices to allow you to join the activity of your choice wether you are joining us for for the day, one practice or more, lunch or concert.​

To welcome everyone regardless of the financial resources, we have the option of "conscious donation" that gives you acess to Wild Oasis + market and the practice of your choice.

If you chose the option market only, please keep in mind that you will not have access to the dance and that doors will close at 17:30pm.

We are looking forward to welcoming you,

Wild Oasis Family & Cardo Handmade

The dates:

Sun 23rd of April

Sun 14th of May

Sun 4th of June

Sun 23rd of July

Fri 20th of Oct

Sun 5th of Nov 

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