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Upcoming Retreats

We have beautiful & diverse retreats planned throughout the year, covering a wide range of topics dear to our hearts. Those retreats are either held by gifted facilitators that trust us or by one (or more) of the residents of Wild Oasis.

We believe in the power of creating together and that every being has its own unique medicine to share.

Sept 26 - Oct 1.png
October 11-16

with Dina

Yoga, Silence and Celebration.

I am very happy to offer this new version of Dive & Rise retreat in the magical hills of Monchique. The retreat will take place at Wild Oasis Algarve, a heaven nested in the mountains overlooking the ocean where we wake up to singing birds and drink water from the source. Dive deep into yourself supported by the beautiful nature around and listen to what your body, mind and heart have to say. This retreat combines tools and practices from different traditions that I have been exploring the past 5 years and that I am honoured to share. Our time together will follow a specific journey including ceremonies, classes and workshops for you to go through the process of diving in and rising up to your beauty with an open heart. It will also include 48 hours of silence for you to dive even deeper before singing our way up. Before the retreat starts a one to one hypnosis session will be scheduled to define your intention and flow through it during the retreat. Schedule: Everyday starts with morning meditation Day 1  - Welcome and check in - Opening ceremony & slow flow Day 2 - Self inquiry & movement - Self hypnosis workshop - Sauna and plant bath - Silence starts at the end of the day Day 3 SILENT DAY - Yin Yoga - Breathwork Day 4 SILENT DAY - Yin Yoga - Sound bath - Fire ceremony Day 5 - Grounding practice and power vinyasa - Cacao blessing, contact beyond contact & ecstatic dance Day 6 - Self inquiry & Active meditation - Closing ceremony Looking forward to diving & rising with you.

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Mountain Retreat

October 21-25

with Cata, Olga & guests

Yin Yoga, meditation, journaling, contemplation, sound

In this Yin Yoga Retreat we come to the beautiful mountains of Monchique in the Algarve for a contemplation journey. Four days with deep restorative practices, meditation, journaling and sound. Every day we will explore the Yin Yoga practice and its foundations of the 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This retreat creates a space of rest for you to observe and take ownership on your own journey. the importance of stillness In a busy world like the one we live in, on a fast paced lifestyle that we are thought to embrace, it is imperative to stop and to question - where is our attention and energy going? When we feel drained, when we feel tired and disconnected, when we feel confused, the answer is to stop and to observe. To let the distractions fall out and to connect to that wisdom that lives inside. In this mountain retreat you can expect less noise and less busyness. We want to create that space of awareness through our practices and through our silence - so we can see the essential and what really matters.

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Walking Earth

October 27-30

with Maria & Olga

Natural gynecology, herbalism, voice, ayurveda & nutrition

When the last harvest is done we celebrate Samhain in the Celtic tradition. The beginning of Winter. Olga Sadowski, Maria Peres & Mariana Root, we want to invite you to gather during the full moon before Samhain, October 2023 for the next edition of Walking Earth. Call it retreat, gathering, celebration, prayer, course or simply an escape to reconnect with your soul calling. We will use this time to detox as a preparation for winter with a clean, nourishing diet, prepared by the loving hands of Olga Cardo. Exploring wild plants around the beautiful Wild Oasis, our venue for this time. Maria Apoema will take us onto a journey into the plant kingdom, preparing tinctures, balms & herbal baths together. Deepen your knowledge about your feminine cycle, herbalism and nutrition. This is a hands-on experience, leaving you with practical recipes, routines & information that can be easily introduced into your daily life. We are excited to have our sister Mariana Root, Portuguese musician with the voice of a thousand birds, support us during this gathering. She will guide an intuitive voice opening workshop, sharing tools how to access your original voice from within. Sometimes shy, scared or suppressed, our voice wants to be heard, wants to express our soul. Followed by a concert of Mariana & the bio sauna you will have enough space for yourself to harvest this unique experience. For the first time we are having an Early Bird Price (until 17. July!) & open two spots for volunteers (photographer & general assistance). Grateful to continue this work that supports us to remember - we are earth. With love, Olga & Maria


Organise your Retreat at Wild Oasis

Your are searching for a special venue for your next retreat? Want to offer regular classes? Or want to organise any other conscious event? 

Our venue is ideal for small to medium sized groups. For retreats we can host up to 16 people (including facilitators). With our dome, the forest, the sauna, the kitchen, the fresh mountain water, the oak forest and the different accommodation options you will find everything you need to create magic.

For availability, prices and any other questions please get in touch with us.

Past Retreats:

The Wild Leaders Retreat

October 3-8

with Shell & Dominik

Practicing self-leadership. For leaders, founders and entrepreneurs.

Wild Oasis and The Holistic Leaders are very excited to invite you to “The Wild Leaders Retreat.” Set in the very beautiful Wild Oasis and completely immersed in nature, we will be exploring what it feels and means to be a Conscious Leader as we connect to ourselves, to others and to everything around us. Dominik and Shell, your guides will take you on a journey through the elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit as we weave together yoga, breathwork, movement exercises, self-enquiry, workshops, ice-bath and sauna, live-music, ceremony, celebration and more to bring you home to your truest nature. Created for anyone who sees themselves as an impact-led leader, whether a small business owner, entrepreneur or leader in an organisation, we want to invite those of you shifting the paradigm in leadership through increased self-awareness, harmony, connection with your heart and a journey within your own consciousness. You are the change-makers. You are a mix of kind and wild. You have a growth oriented mind and you want to live up to your full potential but without overworking, burnout and disconnection.

Curso Tradicional Mexicana

Curso Medicina Tradicional Mexicana & Cosmovisão

June 07-17

with Curandera Sofia Diaz Hernandes & Marcela Navarrete

About Traditional Mexican Medicine & Cosmovision.

This method of healing is the combination of the empirical knowledge on health and disease that has come from different indigenous groups and rural areas around Mexico which have been mainly acquired through hundreds of years of practice combined with their own cosmovision and interpretation of the world as well as the more recent studies on medicine coming from Spain. Those that practice this medicine are called curanderos/curanderas, traditional doctors or traditional healers. These are people who offer a service to prevent any illness whether it be of physical, emotional or spiritual origin and are rooted in the wisdom of indigenous wisdom. This healing method is recognized as a right of all indigenous people and in its deeper meaning sees the Universe as intelligent and one. Humans are interconnected and part of this whole and are seen to be made up of a body, soul and spirit. Illness is seen to be born out of an unbalance with the whole and therefore a healers seeks to support the restoration of harmony and find the root of suffering and pain rebalancing it with hot/cold or dry/humid practices that are what can cause the alteration of the vital force. There are different forms of diagnosis and healing methods that include flower therapy, herbalism, nutrition, temazcal baths, floral baths, cleanses, cataplasms, inhalations, mantas, massages, acupressure and much more. Course Content: 6 June | Day for treatments and healing sessions with Sofia + Market (optional) 7 June | Mayan Cosmovision and Healing approach 8 to 11 June | Medicinal plants: preparations and its different uses of medicinal plants, such as tinctures, micro-doses, ointments, syrups, hot macerations, cold macerations, cataplasm, vapors, baths, steam baths and the ways they treat different health issues. There will be a herbal identification walk and we will create a chart to know when to harvest what and how to make each different preparation 12 and 13 June | Ritual of "limpia": Cleaning, more than something to do, is an ancient ritual and can heal all sorts of illnesses, whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic processes. Cleaning is done in various ways and with different elements such as plants, in the form of bouquets whose function is to absorb and neutralize negative energies, copal, incense, eggs, salt, candles, lemon, brandy, tobacco, baths with medicinal plants or flowers infused in oils, The limpias are, moreover, always held with prayer. 14 & 15 June | Sobada & massages: in these days you will learn different massage and healing techniques with rebozo, stones, oils and plants. We will explore deeply the "Manteada" (or rebozo) which is a massage for pregnant women, pain of all sorts as well as for relaxation. We will then look at "Cepillo" which is massage technique to activate the blood system and give energy to the body. Then that of "Liniments" which is used to treat arthritis, sciatica, and muscle pain. "Plasters" to remove excess heat from the body with medicinal herbs. Learn about reading the "Pulse" in order to bring back our vital pulse at the navel center. The "Tronada de Empacho" to cure both digestion, and intestinal issues. The "Cleanse of the thymus" which is an endocrine gland and regulates a lot of our sense of wellbeing. The "Harmonization with roses", which is a massage with 13 roses that offers profound serenity, peace and relaxation. The "Tronada de angina" which is a technique used to cure respiratory problems, and lastly the "Massage of ovaries" which is a technique that readjusts the female matrix, to cure sexual abuse and increase female fertility. 16 & 17 June | Susto and Espanto this touches the practice of working with "soul loss" which can be said to be both a psychological, somatic and spiritual experience. The way Traditional Mexican Medicine sees it is that when we lose soul we loose our vitality and connection to life, this might be expressed as a lack of appetite, weight loss, hair loss, lumps in the body, a vacant look, pallor, weak pulse, depression, extreme anxiety, insomnia and more. Those who enter this state often stay in bed, or are extremely irritable, having difficulty working, interacting and facing life as a whole, everything seems too much or makes no sense. It can also manifest itself as vomiting, diarrhea, frequent headaches and pain in the chest area. A profound healing ritual and practice will be taught to support this state and this will also combine the learning of how to prepare different floral waters and baths. For who is this course: Men and women who are interested in understanding what healing and health means and how to bring back balance in themselves as well as revive and remember ancient ways of knowing Doctors, therapists, bodyworkers, healers, doulas, midwives and anyone who is in the field of medicine/healing and wants to deepen their knowledge and/or acquire new techniques and information Anyone interested in deepening their understanding of traditional medicine, of plants, of body-mind connection and how to restore wellbeing on all parts of the self. Prices & Accomodation: SAFARI TENT W/SHARED WC 1190 euros BRING YOUR TENT W/SHARED WC 1090 euros BELL TEND W/SHARED WC1240 euros CARAVAN W/SHARED WC 1340 euros ROOM W/PRIVATE WC 1440 euros *payment can be done in installments **we ask 150 euros of non-refundable deposit If you wish to arrive the night before or stay an extra night let us know in advanced What do the prices include? 11 nights of accommodation 3 delicious and organic meals Material for the course Attendance certificate part of the Diploma of Traditional Mexican Medicine Optional morning yoga/meditation practice Access to the land + sauna + pool What don't they include? Flight/Bus to Portugal & Monchique Transport to the retreat center Private healing sessions w/Sofia or Marcela There will be a "Mercado Sagrado" - sacred market open to the community where you can buy some things

Yoga teacher gathering.jpeg

Yoga Teachers Gathering

March 30 - April 2

with Dina

For yoga teachers, by yoga teachers.

Wild Oasis is very happy to welcome this second Yoga teachers gathering edition after a very precious first one last year with an amazing tribe. Being with one another made us all realise the importance of coming together as community. The idea was born last year realising that despite of the great number of yoga teachers, we tend to isolate ourselves. When we could come together, share our practices, doubts and strengths to empower one another. The idea of this gathering is for all of us, to share our gifts, to explore what we would like to offer, to discuss our ideas and to inspire & nourish each other. How does this work? This a retreat/festival style gathering.   ◆ We meet at Wild Oasis, Monchique from March 30 to April 2.   ◆ We co-create the schedule - ideally everyone offers at least 1 class (or workshop, practice...)   ◆ All practices are free as we all give and receive.   ◆ 2 options for food: we cook ourselves or hire a chef (recommended option after last years experience) As the idea is to provide a space for yoga teachers to come together with no financial purpose, Wild oasis will charge only the minimum cost for accommodation.

Breath Immersion Days

Breath Immersion Days

September 12-17

with Marta, Dina & Dominik

Welcome to the third edition of our Breath Immersion Days.

We are excited to invite you to a program crafted with a lot of love and care, for you to be able to immerse yourself in the world of breathwork. Held in the beautiful nature and a safe space of Wild Oasis, we will be exploring what it feels and means to connect consciously, to ourselves, others and all that is around us by anchoring ourselves in our breath. Marta, Dina and Dominik, your guides during the Immersion, sharing the space with other beautiful facilitators, will take you on a journey of conscious connected breath weaved together with movement exercises, self-inquiry workshops, live music, ceremony and celebration. 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙚𝙭𝙥𝙚𝙘𝙩? - Daily breathworks - Daily workshops and experiences - Daily movement yoga and meditation - Celebration and togetherness - Guidance and support - Healthy meals - Time in nature 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙥𝙚𝙤𝙥𝙡𝙚 𝙨𝙖𝙮 "The Immersion, with so many beautiful souls, has enriched my life and given me so much that I will continue to unravel with time. All the workshops were so beautifully held. Best experience of my life." "Marta, Dominik & Dina have weaved together a magical retreat where one can find connection - connection with self, with others, with nature. I leave feeling more myself than I have in months. Open, relaxed, nourished, grounded." "A space for my process was held in a gentle, loving and kind way. I really felt held while I also felt free and safe to dive into the depth of my experience which was serving me best at any moment." For full schedule and more details click "More info" button.

flyer - Gardening retreat.png

Wild Gardening Retreat

March 17-22

with Yoav, Mario, Dominik & Dina

Learn how to plant your garden, grow food and take care of the earth while nourishing your own inner garden.

We are happy to invite you for our first retreat of the season: Throughout these 6 days, Mario & Yoav will guide you, step by step, into the practice of productive vegetable gardening that promotes healthy soil life, fertility & regeneration. Through hands on experimentation with our most efficient techniques & tools, backed by some theoretical sessions you will learn to deeply understand the natural cycles. The goal is to teach you everything you need to know so you can create an abundant, thriving & attuned garden. Dina & Dominik, in the meantime, will support you by facilitating mindful practices that will nourish your inner garden landscape. As one is not separated from the other, this retreat aims at cultivating harmony between ourselves and nature. Reconnect to your soul, body & mind by growing your own food while taking care of mother earth. What you will learn:   # bed preparation   # soil theory - mycelium & regeneration   # seed saving   # seedling preparation   # water cycle theory   # pruning & mulching   # wild harvesting & fermentation   # compost theory & practice   # cover crop & companion planting theory   # planting   # tomato & bean structures   # tools for inner balance Our Journey through the seasons: OPENING DAY - Friday 17th AUTUMN DAY : 𝘎𝘈𝘛𝘏𝘌𝘙 𝘛𝘏𝘌 𝘏𝘈𝘙𝘝𝘌𝘚𝘛 - Saturday 18th WINTER DAY : 𝘗𝘙𝘌𝘗𝘈𝘙𝘌 𝘚𝘖𝘐𝘓 - Sunday 19th SPRING DAY : 𝘗𝘓𝘈𝘕𝘛 𝘛𝘏𝘌 𝘚𝘌𝘌𝘋𝘚 - Monday 20th SUMMER DAY : 𝘞𝘈𝘛𝘌𝘙 𝘛𝘏𝘌 𝘍𝘓𝘖𝘞𝘌𝘙𝘚 - Tuesday 21st CLOSING DAY -  Wednesday 22st ​Prices:                                             early bird (Jan)     regular (Feb-Mar) Private room (double bed)        €1,000                    €1,100 >> 2nd person (Private room)  €575                       €675 Shared room (2 in room)          €800                       €900 Caravan (double or 2 beds)      €850                       €950 >> 2nd person (Caravan)          €575                       €675 Bell tent (double or 2 beds)      €750                       €850 Dorm tent (4 beds)                    €700                       €800 Our camping tent (air bed)       €650                       €750 Your tent/van                             €625                       €725 ​ To find the full program and more details click "More info" button.

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