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October 20-25

House of the Rising Mojo│Ericeira│Portugal

Connection rooted in tradition

6 days of bliss weaving new ways of relating in love and togetherness

Rooted in the origins of history, when women gatherings were as precious as necessary. Let’s remember.

Rooted in our beings, the longing to recognize each other's beauty without doubting our own. Let's honor it.

Rooted in our core, the urge to be held and listened to by other women. Let’s weave.

Rooted in our wombs the understanding that some things are easier said only amongst women and that some things need to be said. Let’s speak.

Rooted in our bodies, the intuition that moving, screaming, dancing, singing laughing together have the power to help us free one another. Let’s express.

Rooted in our bones, the readiness to let go of our burdens and gather in light and joy. Let’s shine.

Rooted in our hearts the innocence and beauty of simply being together. 


For  this second edition of Roots Women"s retreat, we will meet in our country of adoption Portugal.

This retreat will be a precious mix and combination of different practices rooted in different traditions that have touched us deeply and had an impact on our way of life and relating with everything that is alive.

Like Tito La Rosa says "Tradition is the vehicle through which you connect to yourself, nature and the mystery".

As much as we love those practices, let's agree that this is just another beautiful excuse to gather again between women :)

How much we love that. How much beauty can emanate from those moments out of time and space. How much impact can we have and difference can we make when we decide to unite and truly meet in love and compassion. How much depth can be experienced in joy and laughter.

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine all those women choosing to gather and grow together everywhere in the world. Feel how it is slowly weaved into one beautiful tapestry. 

What would it look like when we will learn the true meaning of sisterhood ?


To stimulate your inner child, curiosity and joy, the daily schedule will be kept surprise. We will have the pleasure to invite dear friends and powerful women to share their practice that became their field of expertise.

☾ Daily body awareness & expression (Yoga, tantra dance etc.)
☾ Daily women sharing circles 
☾ Daily Elemental rituals and ceremonies
☾ Daily self inquiry
☾ Cacao blessings
☾ Sound journeys
☾ Emotional release practices
☾ Kirtan and song circles
☾ Temazcal (sweat lodge)
☾ Hike & Beach
☾ And a lot of surprises

This will be a beautiful and transformative experience and we are grateful and excited to welcome you to be part of it with us.


Roots retreat - June 2023

Most accepting and loving environment

"What an amazing space to experience sisterhood in a very pure and authentic way. Laugh, cry, dance, scream there are no taboos. Thank you for having given us this safe haven of expression. You created the most accepting and loving environment for personal growth" Sarah


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Lina has spent the last 6 years studying various forms of yoga and self development to bring you her embodied experience of yoga, sacred sound & touch.
Sharing Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes regularly in Ericeira, Portugal, as well as leading retreats, courses and workshops.
Lina is registered with Yoga Alliance as an 200 hours Yoga Teacher, 100 hours Song & Sound Ceremony continuing course and 50 hours Aerial Yoga. 
She guides kirtans, song circles and sound journeys as a form of self-discovery and empowerment rooted in many traditions including Bhakti Yoga and shamanism.

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Dina creates spaces that allow and encourage transformation, emotional awareness and openness. She has been trained in different practices such as yoga, hypnosis & dance, all pointing towards the same direction. She is passionate about the human existence and invites a deeper connection to the body wisdom & exploration of the psyche mysteries. She holds presence for you to develop intimacy with yourself and walk with a relaxed body, a peaceful mind and open heart.

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Price includes:

Accommodation, all sessions & all meals, starting 4PM on Tuesday and ending 1PM on Sunday.

Please note that we only offer shared accomodation for this intimate moment among women.

  • Shared room

  • Shared bell tent



Early bird until September 15 : 50 euros off

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The retreat will take place the Magical House of the rising Mojo, in Ericeira, a traditional Portuguese fishing village on the magnificent atlantic coastline.

The “House of the Rising Mojo” is a Holistic Retreat Centre surrounded by a tranquil valley. It is a sanctuary for healing, exchange and growth, surrounded and supported by lush vegetation and native trees. "The Mojo" is an ideal location to reconnect with your own nature.

Singing, dancing, body work, yoga, rituals, ceremonies & other holistic practices are different roads we explore, guiding us to the same destination: Consciousness.

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Please reach out, if you are interested, have questions or want to schedule a personal introduction call to get to know each other.

To secure your spot a deposit of 30% is required. Rest maximum 2 weeks before event.

Cancellation policy : if you need to cancel your deposit is transferable to any other retreats held by Lina or Dina,

Please understand that we are to receive the full value – transaction fees are your responsibility.
If paying with PayPal, please select the ‘Friends and Family’ option.


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