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Sessions, Workshops & Events

Here is our weekly schedule that we update every week. 
We are very fortunate to live and be surrounded by talented facilitators. We offer different practices throughout the week for you to take care of your body, heart and mind, take a break and come back to the essential. 
Our schedule is designed as an immersive experience following a retreat flow. 
Drop in with booking in advance is also available for people from outside Wild Oasis. 


All our offerings can be practiced in a group or individually upon request.

We also offer extra services:

  • Hypnosis with Dina 

  • Thai massage with Dina 

  • Sound bath with Dina 

  • Coaching with Dominik 

  • Holistic massages with Elina 

  • Empowering photography with Elina

  • Conscious video with Jan

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Regular Weekly Sessions

Yoga with Dina

Dina is passionate about movement and her classes are an invitation to practice body awareness and to deepen your relationship with the present moment. Her classes are a blend of all that she practices inspired by the different lineages and traditions she has been exploring the past years. Her classes are dynamic - building strength with gentleness - and introspective, rooted down to an intention set at the beginning of each class followed a short meditation. Dina sees the practice on the mat as a metaphor for life off the mat and teaches both Vinyasa and Yin yoga, everytime creating a safe space to allow emotions to flow and energy to move. Expect also, great playlists, live music (sometimes), playfulness (always) and step out of the dome relaxed, open and nourished.

Breathwork with Dominik

Breathwork is an incredibly potent tool in self discovery, personal development and general wellbeing. It is a therapeutic technique that uses simple breathing practices to lead you into a non-ordinary state of consciousness where unconscious and previously repressed ideas, sensations and emotions can more easily rise to the surface for integration.

Morning Meditation

We offer regular morning meditation open to all and guided by one of us to start the day with mindfulness and a peaceful mind. Depending on who is guiding the meditation, you will explore different practices and approaches all pointing to the same essence.

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Singing Circle

Keep an eye on our schedule to join our regular singing circles and join us to share your voice, music or simply your presence. this is an informal gathering that we share for the love of music and human connection. No need to be a musician. Come as you are.

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Sharing Circle

This circle is opened with the intention to serve the people staying and living at Wild Oasis. But anyone willing to share from and receive with an open heart is welcome to join.

Your contribution: all sessions offer sliding scale from 10€ - 20€

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If you want to stay informed about our weekly offerings and events, join the WhatsApp group.


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Lodges of reflection for women

The role she plays

Beautiful women,

I am very happy to announce this new offering for women that has been growing inside me for a while.

On August 22 - 5 to 8pm -  THE ROLE SHE PLAYS will open the first LODGE OF REFLECTION of a series of regular encounters for women longing for honesty, freedom & peace.

Each meeting will be dedicated to a topic. Recognizing the collective mission, wound and hope behind what sometimes feels like a lonely road.

This is a space to express loud and clear with our voices, tears & bodies what we don't even dare to say to ourselves.

August 22 will be dedicated to our relationships.

Bringing awareness to behaviours and dynamics that make us and our loved ones suffer, taking responsibility for the role we play in them.

Time to choose how we want to show up in our daily lives and commit to embody it.

Different tools will support the journey.

Self inquiry, sharing, relating and connection exercises, role play, somatic practices, sound journey.

May these lodges be pure and profound reflective surfaces of what needs to be seen, released and transformed.

With love,


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Full moon gatherings

Join our full moon gatherings where together we use breath, movement and explore the energies of the moon to connect to ourselves, our nature and the nature around us. Influenced by the element energy of the full moon and by trusting our own inner guidance, we connect deeper to the healing capacity of ourselves and connect with the influencing energy of the full moon.


It is a time to pause, reflect, let go and surrender to life.


I am Elina, one of the guardians of the Wild Oasis land, holding space for people to drop down from their mind to their body and listen to the whispers of their souls. I support others to empower their essence by listening to their intuition and understanding the power of knowing themselves, their limits, their cyclic nature, to flow with it instead of fight against it.


Save the dates of each full moon gatherings  : 3 JUN * 3 JUL * 1 AUG * 30 AUG * 28 OCT 2023


Get in touch with us if you would like to participate. 

Looking forward to connecting. 

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We are very excited about this beautiful day coming 

Sunday August 20 we meet at Wild Oasis for a day dedicated to Bhakti yoga.
The yoga of love of devotion.

This is the 1st edition of a serie happening between Ericeira at the House of the Rising Mojo & Monchique at Wild Oasis .

We are deeply honored to welcome Ganga Mira for a satsang to open our day




3:30-5 pm - SANSKRIT & HISTORY with SIMONA


Cacao bar all day with the Mojo Family

Sweet treats all day with the Wild Oasis family

Jam session all day

Every practice is on donation.
Food, cacao & cake are extra.

Let's sit, move, learn and sing our hearts out.
The promise of a day filled with love, laughter and high vibrations.


Join our telegram group  dedicated to that day only we will share important information (no spam, we promise)

Share & spread the word !

One love,
Wild Oasis Family 

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Monthly encontros - Cardo handmade x Wild oasis

Launch of //Mercado Oasis// - A celebration of life. 

Save the date beautiful beings, as we will celebrate mountain life and the abundance of water this season 2023.


//Mercado Oasis// is a collaboration between the Wild Oasis family @wildoasis_life and Cardo @cardo.handmade. Together we will host a series of happenings in the Serra de Monchique dedicated to community, to water, to life. When we gather we create containers of connection. When we celebrate we raise the frequency of our collective, following the simple advice of our indigenous friends from the Amazon “Só algeria! - Only Joy!” //Mercado Oasis// is a place to indulge in the abundance of nature, the beauty of life. Experiencing Peace in community.

Visit the sleepy mountains, where the water begins. Drink from this source, take a dip in fresh mountain water and sit with the corc elders of this beautiful land. This is a whole day event, based on ritual, movement sessions, breathwork, live music, handcraft and food that serves the land, foraged & wild.
Every event will be unique. Every date an opportunity to commune with land, recharge in nature and explore. holistic practices to deepen your connection to life. 

We are looking forward to welcome you

Wild Oasis Family & Cardo Handmade


Organise your Event at Wild Oasis

Your are searching for a special venue for your next workshop? Want to offer regular classes? Or want to organise any other conscious event? 

Our dome is an incredible space to hold your next session. It has privacy and its own entrance as it is located on the upper terrace with a water station and dry toilet. The dome can host between 20 (for yoga) to 30 people.

For availability, prices and any other questions you might have please get in touch with us.

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